Sleep Tight

Seen at
Frightfest 2012 - aka Frightfest the 13th

Sleep Tight

Reviewed by Andy



He may have handed the reins on [.REC]3 over to Paco Plaza after co-writing and directing the first two films in the series (and is returning for the fourth), but Jaume Balagueró hasn’t been taking a break and this year helms Sleep Tight, described as in the style of Hitchcock and Polanski. It’s almost an unfair comparison as rather than sitting in the shadows of giants, this superbly tense film is good enough to stand alongside even the greats of suspense.
The story follows César (Luis Tosar) who spends his days as concierge of a block of flats but at night waits under the bed of tenant Clara (Marta Etura) until she falls asleep, then drugs her and his time begins…
Luis Tosar is brilliant as César, managing to make a man who cannot feel happiness so endeavours to bring everyone else down around him both engaging and watchable, and the supporting cast are all strong from Marta Etura to Petra Martínez’ Senora Verónica and iris Almeida as the precocious Ursula.
The script by Alberto Marini has plenty of punchy twists, and Balagueró’s assured direction adds to the tension without compromising the wonderful visuals on offer.
Considering how nasty César’s acts are, it’s testament to the film’s quality that it’s still so captivating. That extra something elevates it even further over the norm, and to bring the comparison full circle does so like Hitchcock’s or Polanski’s best, making it just as unmissable. One piece of advice though (for the second time this Frightfest) – buy a divan  *****


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