Paura 3D

Seen at
Frightfest 2012 - aka Frightfest the 13th

Paura 3D

Reviewed by Andy


Paura literally translates as “Fear”, so it’s a bit surprising that the film is a fairly straightforward thriller that doesn’t aim to capitalise on the marquee title. Apparently it was originally called Shadow of the Boogeyman, and despite the supernatural overtone of that title I feel it’s more appropriate to the story of a (wannabe) band who take advantage of one member’s job in a garage to hijack a rich customer’s apparently empty villa for a weekend of partying. But of course, things are never that simple…
This year’s only 3D film at the festival, Paura is a mixed bag – in many places it feels like a post-conversion but it was conceived and filmed fully in 3D. There are occasional neat uses, but though it’s quite pretty the first time you see an outside shot with branches or leaves used in the foreground to add depth it gets pretty repetitive and there are in my opinion some missed opportunities for more impressive use within the house.
Special mention should go to the stylish opening credits and excellent soundtrack, but there’s nothing really new or memorable – unless you count the unnecessary use of gratuitous nudity, particularly in one uncomfortable close up scene involving shaving that doesn’t involve a moustache, if you get my drift. It should have been a hint to directors the Manetti brothers that they had to bring in a porn actress for the scene despite the actress used for all other scenes being totally naked for most of the rest of the time she is onscreen – and even then if doing a scene like that in high definition 3D, it makes sense to have visual similarity surely? Never mix cheesing off both prudes and pedants, it’ll never end well  **

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