Hidden In The Woods

Seen at
Frightfest 2012 - aka Frightfest the 13th

Hidden In The Woods

Reviewed by Andy


There are a few things that are stereotypically found in woods – odd (and usually single) wellington boots, rotting remains of ripped tents, and particularly in the pre-internet days, occasional stacks of second-hand porn, Unfortunately, its the latter that seems to have most connection to Hidden In The Woods, a grotty grindhouse tale centering on sisters Ana and Annie (or Anny, depending on what the subtitles decide) and Ana’s inbred mutant son Manny. Cue rapes, prostitution, random resurrection from the dead and occasional cannibalism while the subtitles gradually get worse and worse to the point where you can’t tell which character was meant to say the word that resembles nothing in english.

It’s pretty well stylised in a grindhouse/exploitation sense but is really not the kind of subgenre I like to watch or have ever gotten in to, so not for me at all. If you are, you may appreciate the look and feel, and may find intentional humour as well – other than the subtitles of course! **

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