Seen at
Frightfest 2012 - aka Frightfest the 13th


Reviewed by Andy


If In Bruges was Father Ted with hitmen, then Grabbers is Father Ted with alien sea monsters. There we go, review done, off to the pub! That choice, as it turns out, may not be coincidental… After a fairly standard monster-movie intro, we go into full-on rom-com mode as new Garda Lisa (Ruth Bradley, soon to be heard as Molly in Big Finish’s Dark Eyes) arrives as holiday cover to back up perpetual drunk (Richard Coyle) just as a storm is due to head for their island – not the best time for the arrival of a monster that drinks human blood and can travel anywhere wet, so has picked Ireland as the perfect holiday destination!

* A quick interjection for anyone who has a similar experience to me, to save the self-annoyance I had – Richard Coyle played Jeff in Steven Moffat comedy Coupling, where he had a welsh accent. In fact, if he had played Jeff in this it would probably have made it the perfect film, as Jeff in a proper rom-com and Jeff in a monster movie would both be brilliant! *

There’s a lot of emphasis on the Irish as heavy drinkers, but director assures that it’s fine as it isn’t so much a stereotype as an archetype! Good job though, as our alien monsters are allergic to alcohol – so be sure to drink while watching!

What may seem an odd pairing of rom-com and monster movie does end up working well together, and the monster effects and design are excellent. The story itself may be a little on the disposable side, particularly with the blatent sequel setup, but it’s fantastic fun even without a drink. Watch out for Russell Tovey being exceedingly english and with a neat nod to Being Human, but don’t be tempted to try a drinking game such as having a swig every time one of the cast members do or you may end up in hospital! ***1/2

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