Frightfest 2012 – Roundup

Here’s a quick reference guide for all the main screen films that showed at Frightfest 2012 – with the sole exception of Eurocrime (sorry, I had a lie in!)

More detailed reviews for all the below are in our movie reviews section or just by clicking on each of the titles below!

Frightfest 2012 - aka Frightfest the 13th

All scores are out of 5 stars


  • The Seasoning House – disturbing and brutal. Sean Pertwee and the lead actress both awesome. ***1/2
  • Cockneys vs Zombies – fantastic fun, bloody, funny, un-PC ****
  • Grabbers – good fun too, if Richard Coyle had played it as Jeff from Coupling (which could still have made sense) it would have been the perfect film ;-)***1/2
  • Nightbreed: the Cabal Cut – awesome. The story hangs together really well in this version, and the design hasnt really dated. Some of the footage was ropey but will be improved come the Blu-Ray ****
  • Hidden in the Woods – too rapey for me, though the grindhouse audience will probably appreciate it more. Hilariously inconsistent spelling in subtitles, even in character names! **
  • V/H/S – starts a bit weak and if you dont like shakycam you’ll be a bit annoyed as its a found footage anthology but some of the segments are really good ***
  • [.REC]3 – tone and camera style shift (much more comedy and most is shot “normally”) don’t really gel with the other films in the franchise but other than that is excellent and funny too ***1/2
  • Stitches – great fun, Ross Noble and Tommy Knight (Luke from The Sarah Jane Adventures) are both good and its very very funny, some superb deaths too! ****
  • Outpost II – decent with intriguing ideas behind it (like the first), some silly bits and Richard Coyle’s american accent is duff though ***
  • Paura 3D – solid but unspectacular, 3D occasionally nice but repetitive (lots of use of branches or leaves in foreground) and could have been used better IMHO. Overly unnecessary nudity which was way overexplicit in one scene for me **
  • Under the Bed – two completely different but both decent films were apparently made by this team, unfortunately they then smushed them together and said it was one! A bit like Mirrors in that sense… both “halves” have good aspects but as a whole it means it doesn’t make sense. The ending is especially ridiculous, but I can’t hate it somehow! **1/2
  • Tulpa – love letter to giallo genre in all senses – beautiful and sounds great, but dialogue can be horrifically bad and I couldn’t tell if the laughs were intentional or not… ***
  • Maniac – stunning, impressive how Elijah Wood can put in such a good performance when the entire film is first person (you only see him in reflections/photos/occasional hallucinations). The style makes it more disturbing too… and yes, I’ll say it – better than the original *****
  • The Thompsons – flawed but nice originality, helps if you’ve seen The Hamiltons! Some interesting twists on an oft-used mythology involved… ***
  • The Frightfest International Short Film Showcase – ranged from the unnecessarily nasty (Tokophobia) through the fairytale (The Halloween Kid, The Captured Bird) to the silly fun (Snails!, Metal Creepers). Good overall but can’t really give a single score!
  • Sleep Tight – fantastic, tense, really shocking twists, and can be summed up in three words – “What a b*stard!” *****
  • Berberian Sound Studio – looked and sounded stunning, but I still don’t have the foggiest what happened! Toby Jones is really good though ***
  • Sinister – best mainstream American horror in years. Yes, it’s that good, genuinely creepy and several moments that even made a screen of 1500 Frightfesters jump! *****
  • Dead Sushi – contains the cutest singing egg sushi you’ll see in any film this year. Utterly hilarious! ****
  • American Mary – superb, with starmaking role for Katherine Isabelle. The only film of the weekend containing nudity that was necessary. The directors are adorable too! *****
  • After – decent but not great (predictable to me but may not be to others). Kind of sweetly romantic, which elicited first facepalm of the weekend as a result 😉 **1/2
  • Chained – another brutal one this, Vincent D’Onofrio is really good. Unfortunately ending was trimmed for time (the whole film had a running time requirement) which diminishes a big twist slightly ***1/2
  • The Possession – good and slick, but suffered slightly from coming a day after Sinister (if it had been shown before and with a bigger gap it may have been appreciated more as it falls into some tropes that while not bad per se became obvious by their avoidance in Sinister) ***1/2
  • Tower Block – brilliantly tense, nicely witty and really well acted. Cracking thriller but very important to go in cold – don’t even look at the trailer! ****

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