Dead Sushi

Seen at
Frightfest 2012 - aka Frightfest the 13th

Dead Sushi

Reviewed by Andy


Over the years, there have relatively few culinary-related horror movies – aside from sentient Killer Tomatoes, The Stuff involved an alien substance that was kind of like ice cream, and Gary Busey became a vicious biscuit in the first of the Gingerdead Man trilogy. And who better to helm a new killer-food movie than Noboru Iguchi, director of Machine Girl, RoboGeisha and, er, Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead?

The story follows Keiko (Rina Takeda), who after leaving her sushi-making father and home for having the double flaw of not being great at being sushi and being a girl, goes to work at a guest house and spa. While there a group from a pharmaceutical company arrives, but they are targeted by an angered ex-employee with an unusual method of revenge…

And that’s about as sensible as it ever gets, for this is one crazy film. The focus is slightly more on the comedy than the horrific elements, and laughs come thick and fast throughout from martial arts faceoffs, reject Power Ranger baddie costumes and sushi behaviour like you could never even contemplate. At times you really have to wonder if you’re awake or dreaming – but in honesty its unlikely even the most cheese-fevered of dreams could be quite as utterly bonkers as Dead Sushi manages! So grab a drink and some friends and get ready for some insanity – and the cutest singing and flying egg sushi you’ll see this year, guaranteed! ****

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