Being Human – Making History

It has been said: “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” But it’s not his own history that Hal is doomed to repeat. Events fifty-five years ago find an echo in the modern day as Hal encounters someone whom he sired and freed from the limited bounds of a mortal existance. Someone who is now intent on returning the favour and releasing Hal from the self-imposed rejection of his true nature. As Hal tries to investigate what the vampires are up to he may have taken one risk too many. What happens when an old one falls off the wagon?

Alex, Being Human

Dating an Old One may be bad for your health.

In the future, Eve must convince a doubting Annie that she is really who she claims to be. But if Eve fails, the world is lost – again! Eve’s plan has already failed once and perhaps events are already too far gone. Now, with the nemesis finally revealed, a question has to be asked: will the War Child save the world from the vampires, or will it give the world to them?

What is cutler up to?

Just what is Cutler’s plan?

Still hurting from Allison’s depature, Tom finds himself getting deeper and deeper in cahoots with the ever friendly Cutler. With the old ones’ arrival coinciding with a full moon, will Cutler’s simple, brutal plan allow Tom to save the world, or has he bitten off more than he can chew?

As the pieces of the puzzle start to click into place the danger keeps on growing and the death count keeps on rising. This episode is dark and brutal, with plenty of punch and several shocking surprises. Not for the squeamish; but it does have some lighter moments. The direction is perfectly timed and the twin past and present narrative swaps between now and then with graceful ease. The multiple story strands slowly build to a powerful climax and the final scene will have you screaming for it to be next week already!

Something is about to hit this

Something brown and stick is about to hit this…

The performances this week really take it up a notch. Hal especially, as he gets to play a much broader range, jumping between his old and new selves. One uncaged like a wild beast on a rampage, the other constrained but wound tight like a spring, waiting to snap and explode. The torment as Hal loses himself to blood once more is captivating to watch. Annie also has horrors to deal with as the fate of the world, and her friends, is shown to her. But it’s the to and fro between her and Eve that showcases Annie’s caring and motherly side. Tom is just Tom, simple and lovable as always and he brings out the slimiest worst in Cutler, who plays him like a toy. Up till now we’ve not know quite what Cutler is up to but this week his plan to make history comes together.

In fact, it’s called Making History; but considering what the episode has in store for one character, Becoming History could be more apt.

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