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Perhaps this week’s episode should have instead been called “Hubba Hubba”…  Or would publish and be damned be more accurate?

Adam returns to the show. Sadly, he’s not with his Becoming Human companions, but on the bright side he does bring with him the prim, plucky and exceedingly pleasant Yvonne (played by Selina Griffiths). Fresh from fleeing a scandal (well, schoolboy Adam doesn’t really look his true age – while Headmistress Yvonne does!) they turn up looking for shelter. But the arrival of the paparazzi seeking a photo of Adam are not the only danger. At least it’s looking like Tom isn’t going to die a virgin. Meanwhile, Cutler has some PR problems to sort out.


Its definitely not the nemesis.  He's way to much of a knob for that...

Its definitely not the nemesis.  He’s way to much of a knob for that…

It’s great seeing Adam – his foul mouthed vampire child is a lovable rogue. Like last week, we’ve got another episode centered on the guest stars, but this week we get twice as much bang for our buck as Adam is joined with Yvonne. It’s a simple setup. He was a young school boy (cough) and she was the stern headmistress. Like a Mills and Boon plot they’ve ended up in love and on the run. It’s a very enjoyable setup and the press camped outside help to add an air of danger. Normally people just get pissed at the press taking their photo but when you’re a vampire, not having your face plastered over page one is actually a much bigger problem. There are plenty more twists and turns in this plotline and while it verges on becoming overly silly at times it does snap back to the series’ customary darkness before too long.

This episode isn’t plot arc heavy, but it does see the shows mythos expanded again with the introduction of more supernatural beings. Being Human is developing a rich background and it’s nice to see that even after 4 years they are still keen to expand and develop the supernatural world. The B-story also concerns the supernatural but this time its relationship with the outside world. For anyone wondering why there are not more people out there tracking down the supernatural, the B-plot with Cutler should satisfy them. This is the most Cutler-heavy episode we’ve had, and it’s all the better for it.

It’s a good solid mid-season episode, and oddly topical given all the press intrusion stories going on right now. Like last week it’s dominated by the guest stars but it has a very different flavor.  Once again we get to learn more about Tom and Hal but Annie isn’t completely forgotten and her dark side, brought out when she needs to protect Eve, once again surfaces when she becomes the driving force behind a plan for dark deeds.

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