The Creeping Fog

First things first, in addition to David Selby reprising his role of Quentin Collins from the TV series, this plays sees Matthew Waterhouse make his Big Finish debut as John Cunningham, the museum employee who helps Quentin take shelter from the fog, and it was really nice to finally hear him appear in a Big Finish play.  He does a great job as his character who helps Quentin sort through the mystery of the voices in the fog.

Atmosphere is key to this play.  While the previous Dark Shadows play I reviewed, Death Mask, relied on a pulp detective feeling, this play is much more about the spookiness and the claustrophobia of the museum setting, as the fog slowly works its way inside to claim Quentin.

The meat of the story focuses around Quentin’s immortality and the consequences of living so long.  Quentin goes from being completely apathetic about being caught in the middle of the blitz, to finding himself being reverted to his true age, and haunted by the past, both his own, and those of others claimed by the fog.  Its an interesting idea and one I found quite interesting, as Quentin actually finds himself facing the real possibility that he’s going to die, but still doesn’t succumb to the end, and is determined to find a way to win.  His age nicely plays off the setting, as he’s surrounded by all these items from the past, and finds himself dragged into other times by the fog.  This is a story that feels steeped in age and history.

This is a nice little play, and its definitely got a strong focal point in Quentin and his immortality.  To that extent I did find it a shame that I don’t know the history of the character from the TV series as I feel that would’ve let me get even more out of the play.  As I found with Death Mask, the strongest compliment I think I can give these Big Finish Dark Shadows plays is that they really make me interested to watch the original show, as the characters involved are fascinating.

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