Machine Gun Preacher Review

I know how it sounds. It sounds like one of those cheesy hallmark movies that your wife drags you along to. You know the type, bad guy finds God and now he’s Mother Theresa! This film could so easily have been like that, but trust me it’s not. This is an emotional story that doesn’t hold its punches.

It doesn’t go out of its way to paint Sam as a good guy. It leaves you to make your own mind up about that. Its shows the good things he’s done but also shows the mistakes he’s made along the way. He’s definitely not Mother Theresa with an Uzi! What it does show is how he learns from those mistakes and the difference they make to him and those around him.


Don't mess with Gerard Butler, he kicks ass!


Gerard Butler has made some good movies, 300 for instance, and some right stonking rubbish *cough*Phantom of the Opera*cough*. Luckily this one is a good one. I reckon he plays it well managing to hit the emotional scenes well without turning them into “NOOOOO! GOD, WHY!”  This is certainly, one of his better movies. The movie isn’t without its faults though.

For instance, none of the rest of the cast particularly stand out. It’s a decent enough supporting cast. Michelle Monaghan as his wife Lynne for instance, but it doesn’t really give much screen time to their story to give them a chance to develop well and they are pretty much just there to support.

Mind you, its already over two hours long so any more and its heading to Peter Jackson territory! It also lives up to the Preacher part of the title at times. Yes, it needs the church scenes in the movie but sometimes it just lays it down a little too thick and that could put some people off it. Having said that though, I enjoyed this film and would recommend you go and see it and decide for yourself.

Marks out of ten? I’d say an easy 7.

Updated: June 14, 2014 — 10:03 pm

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