Reviewed by Nic Ford

Um… I’m not sure what to say. It’s not that there’s a problem with Deimos – there’s not, it’s good. It’s just that it’s the first part of a two parter, and it really doesn’t feel like it’s over yet. It’d almost be disingenuous to say anything.

The story concerns a museum exhibiting the remains of an Ice Warrior settlement on the Martian moon Deimos, and the band of Ice Warriors awakened from its hidden vaults, who go on to try to take over the moon base for their own nefarious ends. And that’s about all there is to say – I’d like to claim I’m avoiding giving anything too much away, but the reality is, I’ve pretty-much covered the totality of the narrative right there.

The writing from Jonathan Morris is strong, and apart from anything else contains some great names. It’s atmospheric and scary, but with really quite humorous moments, Niky Wardley as Tamsin taking a fair few of the available gags. She really is becoming a comedy assistant – although, I’m glad to say, not in a way that intrudes on her believability as a person.

The casting works well: Tracy-Ann Oberman as Temperence Finch (lovely name!) is very good, and believably cold and calculating. Likewise, David Warner as Professor Boston Schooner (gorgeous cognomen!) is as superior and selfish as they come. And Nicky Henson as Gregson Grenville (okay, it’s wearing off now) plays the character he always plays, which is no criticism because it absolutely works. Even Harold and Margaret (what happened?!) get some good lines, and are believably heroic, defiant and slightly old and shaky.

It’s by no means the best thing that Big Finish have produced, but it’s also a long way from the worst, and it’s certainly not a waste of an hour or so. It’s a fun yarn, which I am certain will be funner when I’ve heard the ending in a month or so. Watch this space. Oh, and it has a surprise ending. But not as much of a surprise as The Book of Kells did. Which is no surprise, considering.


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