Doctor Who: The Wreck of the Titan review

The story moves on at incredible speed, which is sad really as it doesn’t give that much time for the listener to assess the situation. Each time you think you know what’s going on, it turns out to be wrong, which whilst amusing does frustrate those like myself who love to deduce things at a leisurely pace. However the conclusion of the play is extremely satisfing and was something I had not expected at all, even though the hints were staring me in the face. This is Big Finish at its best.

Full marks must go to Colin and Frazer who worked extremely well together. I am admiring this new mature Jamie who doesn’t depend on the Doctor as much as he used to in the classic series. Big Finish have clearly developed a more rounded figure that is exactly what we’d have expected Jamie to become, had he stayed on in the Tardis. It’s actually quite sad, knowing this is a trilogy, as the relationship between Jamie and the sixth Doctor is one of the strongest companion relationsships to grace Big Finish.

Additionally, all the additional cast put in fine performancees. I was especially fond of Alexander Siddig’s performance, and how his character “adapts” thoughout the play, allowing Siddig to show his full range of acting abilities.

Another excellent installment from author Barnaby Edwards. One of the most original and strong Big Finishes to date.


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Updated: June 14, 2014 — 10:00 pm

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