Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma

There is little to recommend The Twin Dilemma, it has to be said. Whilst looking for positives in this story – a post-regenerative Doctor and Peri stumble on an “exiled” Time Lord who’s planet is under invasion by some men in false-faces and wrapped in duvets – I really struggled.

Colin is good, I have to say, his flip-flop behaviour is cleverly done and when he’s being charming he’s being very charming. But he’s saddled with some gawd-awful decisions. The coat, for one, the length of the TARDIS scene at the start, the failure to “let’s just get on with it”, and Peri is a lot more whiney than previously.

Gavin and Andrew Conrad are easily the worst actors to ever appear in Doctor Who and it’s hard to realise that Dennis Chinnery is the same man who starred in Genesis of the Daleks.

Again lighting and costume let this story down – and then some – but the writing, the editing, the performances (with the exception of Colin and Seymour Green as the wonderfully camp Chamberlain) are flat. There IS a story in here, a back story, a culture, the seed of an idea. But the application is very, very bad.

The DVD itself is also a little lacking in “specials”. No big doc, but a small one with Colin discussing his costume and that of the other Doctors and, for once, Chris and David get a mention!

For a story so gawd awful, 2Entertain should really have ramped up the Extras on this, to make it more appealing. However, I suppose it will help complete your collection, and, if you get some friends round, crack open the beer and put it on, it’s better than karaoke. Just.

Updated: June 14, 2014 — 10:00 pm

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