Doctor Who: The Eternal Summer

Fans of the Doctor Who comic will be happy to see Max make his transition from print to audio. Mark Williams gives an enjoyable performance that captures the characters quirkiness and enthusiasm for all things alien. He works as an excellent foil for Peter Davison and Sara Sutton; who are both again on top form. Bernad Cribbins character Wilf is often said to be inspired by Max but this performance takes the character in a different direction; and its a very enjoyable listen. Its also nice to have his backstory referenced by the Doctor; making Max feel like an existing part of the who universe.

The rest of the cast are also good and it captures the small village feel. There is a lot of emotion crammed into this episode; due partly to the time distortions that are causing all the villages to live their lives again and again in a single day. Its a lot to convey in a short space of time but its well handled. The only minor disappointment was the Lord and Ladys voices. Its not a big complaint but they felt like they could have benefited from some extra effects being applied to them. Its impossible to go into detail why without spoiling a plot point however.

The plot is good with plenty of twists and turns though its hard to say to much about it due to its nature. The sound effects are good, as is the sound track which doesn’t overpower the story. Well worth a listen.


Available now from Big Finish

Updated: June 14, 2014 — 10:00 pm

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