Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles – Night’s Black Agents review

Its a fast past tale this month and its very atmospheric. We lurch from powerful physical battles with a giant Kelpie down to dark and eerie banter with a reverend who has something of the night about him. The tale goes at a brisk pace and even in its slow moments it keeps you hooked. You never quite know how things will pan out although you know its only a matter of time before it all goes to hell.

Frazer Hines doesn’t do the voice of Doc 6 as well as Doc 2 but its passable. And he tells a captivating tale; knowing how and when to ramp up the tension. Opposite him this month is Hugh Ross, who is a delight as the plotting priest who’s domain the Doctor and Jamie end up trapped within. The story gradually teases out more and more of the ministers back story and builds to satisfying climax that didn’t disappoint. The dark dealings here were both more convincing and scary than last months Missing Adventure: Point of Entry.

Well worth a listen to; the companion chronicles have been consistently good of late and this was no exception. Its also a nice touch it overlapping with the monthly series.


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Updated: June 14, 2014 — 10:00 pm

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