Doctor Who: The Architects of History- Review

I won’t go further into the story here, as it would ruin it, but I will say that this is a play of epic proportions, equal to that found in BF’s Dalek Empire story The Apocalypse Element. Anyone expecting to see a remorseful Klein will be suprised by how her predicament is resolved, but I think listeners will also possibly feel quite saddened. I never thought I’d feel sympathy for any Nazi character, yet for Klein I do. She is a victim of the Doctor’s deeds and it’s clear she really believes in what she is doing. But under all that, there is a underlying saddness to the character as she knows she can never really return home.

The only criticism I have of this play has to be the Selachians who are quite generic: it would have possibly worked better if the Daleks were to replace them. (The Daleks do get a name drop in the play however). This is not really important, however, as they are mainly used as a device to move on the plot.

What really drives this epic is the quality of the characters and wonderful acting/music. This has certainly been the best Big Finish play of 2010. I’m sorry if this review is somewhat rambling but the fact is there is so much going on in this play it is really quite hard to condense it. This is just one of those plays that works on so many levels, has something for everybody and offers a damn good ending to what has been a wonderful “trilogy of four parts”.


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Updated: June 14, 2014 — 10:00 pm

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