Doctor Who: Plague of the Daleks- Review

Plague-of-the-Daleks-coverThe final part of the Big Finish Stockbridge trilogy finishes the pattern set by the first two; we’ve had past and present so now its the turn of the future.

The story initially feels like the Android invasion. The locals are present but something’s not quite right and finding out that Stockbridge is actually a historically themed tourist attraction isn’t a major surprise. But the attraction isn’t that successful and years of underfunding and a lack of staff see the place falling to pieces. But something else is lurking in Stockbridge, something nasty and alien and its not to long before the tourists are wondering if this vacation may be their last.

The Doctor and Nyssa spend much of the adventure separated which is a shame as they play off each other very well. The new characters, the staff running the place and the tourists, are nice enough but never seem to be as well developed as the characters in the previous two stories. There are some nice twists with the Daleks and they behave in the usual manner; with tactics from past stories being reused in interesting ways.

The story moves along at a fair pace but even with the Daleks it takes a while to build up a sense of real danger. Davidson is on top form and has some interesting material to work with; Nyssa doesn’t get as much to do as previous stories. The rest of the cast provides adequate performances but none off them really blew me away. Nic Briggs as always delivers great Dalek voices but given his high quality this is something thats now expected. Its very much a run of the mill Dalekstory. If you like the pepper pots you’ll enjoy it but its much more a Dalek tale than a Stockbridge one despite the setting. It does however give Stockbridge a nice send off and if you’ve listened to the first two stories it ends things in a satisfying way.


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Updated: June 14, 2014 — 10:00 pm

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