Doctor Who: Legend of the cybermen review

The Land of Fiction, a quirky and fluid place created and controlled by imagination. Filled with whatever fantastical creatures the controller can think off. Contrast this with the logic driven Cybermen, devoid of emotion and incapable of flights of fantasy. Its an interesting contrast and it gives the story a great starting place. But what happens next was a swerve ball I just didn’t see coming. Once the Cybermen realize they can take advantage of the fantastical nature of the Land of Fiction the story just gets strange and stranger. From the vast variety of Cyber-conversions, whales, mermaids, trolls and Valkyries to name but a few, to the Cybermens tinkering with the fabric of the Land reality. Its a strange story.

Normally with the Cybermen you get a tale of them low in numbers; being cunning and slinking about. Here its war; full on war with maximum conversion. They act like they should and their logical interactions with the world are chillingly efficient and to the point. Having the cybermen fighting against the inhabitants of the land of fiction allows some really odd battles to happen. I’d never have expected to see Count Dracula trying to sink his fangs into the Cybermen. But it works.

The story gets even odder still. Having the Cybermen alter the Lands narrative causing people to start narrating their own actions and environment. This does make the story rather confusing but hell its a lot of fun and its really innovative.

The ending; well its not as wacky or original as the rest of the tale but it gives a satisfying conclusion. Its a nice book end for the trilogy; and now the first 2 tales make a lot more sense. There are a few moments of sadness when you find out whats really going on but they just make the ending more poignant.

Its great seeing the Doctor team up with both Jamie and Zoe. Both actors slip back into their parts with ease. Though its a little odd as Frazer Hines is playing a much older version of Jamie and he acts quite fatherly to Zoe. That aside they are both great foils for Colin Bakers 6th Doctor. Having them with him diminishes his worst qualities and brings his often hidden softer side to the fore.

Its an odd tale this. The music and sound effects combine to produce what feels like the audio equivalent of an acid trip. It will not be to every bodies taste as its far from your regular Dr Who. But for anyone willing to take a chance its one heck of a ride. Just strap yourself in and trust the story and you’ll find yourself taken to places you didn’t expect.


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Updated: June 14, 2014 — 10:00 pm

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