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A couple of recent releases from UNIVERSAL include:

Psyche: Series Two

This is one of those series which is bubbling away nicely in America but has made little impact here. Starring James Roday and Dule Hill, it concerns the antics of a pair of friends working for the police one of whom turns out to be actually psychic. Well, at least someone who has “advanced observational skills”.

Soaring away into Series Five stateside, this DVD brings us Series Two, and begins with a funny Tim Curry guest starring episode aping American Idol in which is caustic Cowell-alike is targeted by a hitman.

The whole series is a genre twist on the Buddy Movie and action comedy series like Moonlighting, and is a fun, inoffensive way to spend an hour. Episodes are very pop-culture heavy, some of which will be lost on a British audience, but the whole thing works well with the psychic version of CSI and very personable stars.

Well worth catching.

Warehouse 13: Series One

Warehouse 13 is the latest FBI-investigate-the-paranormal grandchild of The X Files, and a pretty competent one it is too.

Starring Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock  as the Mulder and Scullyesque Bering and Lattimer they are charged by a secret organisation to retrieve missing mystical and supernatural objects for the epitomous Warehouse 13 and also to try and discover new ones, leading them into some hit-and-miss adventures along the way.

Not as dark as The X Files, and with echoes of Indiana Jones it is again a fine example of the science fiction TV which would be even better if it wasn’t so easily identifiable as derivitive. There is a great cast though, with some intriguing back stories, and a well thought out mythos and world with many recurring characters. Recently airing in America is series two, which is no mean feat these days.

Another series worth a look at, even though McClintock does look a bit like Chico!

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