A Legend Reborn Audiobook Reviewed

…and this is exactly what it is. A series of interviews, clips, news reports and reportage gathered from various BBC broadcasts with linking narration from Elisabeth Sladen and written by Andrew Pixley, so we know the facts are accurate.

This was another audio I listened to days after David had left, and again it’s very bitter sweet, as it contains quite a lot of his early appearances, and shows what a love and enthusiasm he has for the show, making his final words in the series all the more sad.

It’s interesting too to hear Freema and Chris Eccleston being cagey about storylines we’re all familiar with now, and perhaps too it’s good to hear Eccleston enthusing about the programme in a way a lot of people seem to have forgotten – he was very, very into it.

This is a handy little pocket sized collection for the purists and a nice archive for anyone who liked to follow this kind of thing. As a child I would audio-tape Blue Peter and Swap Shop when ever a Doctor was on it, and it invariably ended up with my Nana asking if I wanted soup or my dad asking when the football started, and this is the twenty first century equivalent to that.

You lucky, lucky people.

Updated: June 14, 2014 — 10:00 pm

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